The following scholarships are awarded to eligible students
    1) Govt.of India Scholarship for SC & ST Students and Government of Karnataka Scholarship for other Backward Classes.
    2) Post-Matric scholarship.
    3) Scholarship to the children of Ex-service men.
    4) Urdu Academy scholarship.
    5) Scholarship for the physically handicapped students.
    6) Sitaram Jindal foundation scholarship .
    7) Sanchi Honnamma scholarship.
    8) Minority scholarship.
    Applications for the above mentioned scholarships should be made only in the prescribed printed forms which are available in the office. On demand such applications will be issued free of cost.

    Procedure for claiming fee concessions:

          Fee concessions can be claimed by the SC/ST/Backward community and special group students in accordance with the government rules in force.  Students claiming fee concessions should produce original income certificates duly verified along with the required documents, failing which they must pay fees to the college.