AQAR 7.2.1

7.2.1 – Describe at least two institutional best practices

1.Various competitions. 2. Honor to meritorious students. 3. Social services. 1. Objectives: To infuse the spirit of service mind. To inculcate co-operation, co-ordination and spirit of competition among students. To develop secularism, patriotism and sense of belongingness, sincerity, honesty and punctuality among students. 1. The practice: The programmes are incessantly conducted by NSS officer and student’s welfare officer. The College believes and practices introspection and self correction to strengthen the conventional education, the College brings new schemes through extra-curricular programmes for building up personality of the students, the various competitions like Quiz, elocution and essay writing are conducted to enhance ability to expose the knowledge and build the personality. Talent’s day is celebrated every year to encourage students to be innovative and creative cultural competitions like cooking, Hair style, Rangoli, Dancing, singing, painting are conducted and the winners are awarded. The Samsthe and Alumni association honours the meritorious students on ‘Independence Day’ and ‘Talent’s Day’. Best, outgoing and best, all-round students are honoured every year. Rank holders and university blues are honoured every year. Meritorious, poor and needy students are given financial support by the Samsthe and Alumni association. To create social awareness and social responsibility among the students, outreach programmes are organised with collaboration of NGO and Government Departments. These practices are adopted by the Institution to develop human value and social concern among students. The Institution believes, along with education social concern and care towards the fellowmen. Every day, a morning assembly is conducted teachers and students speaks on values, ethics, morals, honesty, integrity, patriotism, discipline, truth and dedication in the assembly.The assembly ends with the National Anthem. 1. Evidence of success: Kum. Ashwini received the best NSS volunteer award by the Karnataka State Women University, vijayapur- 2012-13. Daily morning prayer is at 9.50. A.M and classes start at sharp 10.00 A.M. This system helps the students to maintain punctuality and discipline. Prizes won at the University level.

AQAR 7.3.1

7.3.1 – Provide the details of the performance of the institution in one area distinctive to its vision, priority and thrust in not more than 500 words

Soma Subhadramma Raman Goud Women’s College is located in erstwhile Nizam area and named as Hyderabad Karnataka Region after state re-organization. The Institution is providing higher education particularly to women folk of this socially, economically and educationally backward region, since 1970. Before Independence the service of Pt.Taranath has been unique to Raichur Society, Pt.Taranath freedom fighter, reformer and devout Patron of education. He aimed to serve this society by establishing education society. Through his educational propaganda he introduced new system of education in Raichur in 1920. He opened the eyes of the Raichurians who were in deplorable conditions and the necessity to better themselves through education, The samasthe which was established in 1920 till this day it has been doing yeoman service to the down trodden and to backward class.The position of women in this area was miserable for centuries, under Nizam rule women was subject to zennana, women education was limited only to primary and only richer sections received secondary education up to 1970, in this circumstance, the Taranath Shikshana Samsthe’s started Womens College to provide higher education for women since 1970. The institution has made all endeavors with in possible permissible limit to contribute over all development of the women and thereby to society. The thrust and mission of this Institution is to promote quality education and empower women. The motive of institution is to turn out of good moral character and enlighten, who eventually become asset to society and to nation. The institution aimed to help student to find all round development of their individual personality, to train student in communication skill. The institution keeping in mind its, vision mission student are well trained to face the examination and future confidentially. The institution has experienced faculties. They take all efforts and identify the potential of student categories them under Advance slow learners, the remedial classes are conducted for slow learners. The faculty members take all efforts in the incremental academic growth of all the students, with different needs and their challenges are supported with study material counsel and Personal tutoring, the students are encouraged to improve their learning skills and capacity by providing E-Books and ICT facilities. The advanced learners are encouraged with more library books facilities, this analysis helped the institution to secure 52 university Ranks and 4 Gold medial’s in a span of 50 years and an average on the whole the university result are above 90 percentage every year. The thrust and mission of the institution to give good quality education and empower women. The institution motivates students, along with education, to undergo in skill development programs which enhance opportunities for employment. Tally certificate course, Tata consultancy services Conducts 100 hour’s employability training program regularly. So far 80 students are employed in multinational company. The institution undoubtedly has been producing laudable graduates. The Alumna of Soma Subhadramma Raman Goud are employed in Banks,and KAS Officers, Professors in various colleges and Universities.